Feline Boarding

Our facility offers a separate boarding room for cats. Our feline friends get their own spacious, multilevel feline condos that are cleaned twice daily.

  • Feline Bunkhouse (single)-$20/night
  • Feline Silo (double)-up and down-$40/night
  • Feline Hayloft (double)-extra side-$40/night
Second feline is ½ off
Included in these prices are food-we feed iVet Feline Adult, cat box & litter, small bed or towel. Condos are cleaned as needed throughout the day. Cats are fed according to owner’s instructions. Cat box with litter is away from their sleeping or daytime area.

Stonebrook Family Pet Clinic will provide food, bedding and toys. If the pet is on a special diet please bring the food.

Extra charges:

  • Medications-$7/day this is for pills only given 2-3 times a day
  • Diabetic Patients-giving insulin, closing monitoring eating and glucose check-$12/day
  • Playtime in the Chicken Coop-15 minutes $15.

We also offer medical boarding for pets that require additional care.

Our Animal Care Technician’s takes care of your pet’s needs 365 days a year. On Sundays and holidays the pets are monitored. During business hours, they are monitored throughout the day. We strive to make their stay as stress free as possible realizing there is no place like home!

The Animal Care Technician are trained to recognize changes in your pet’s appetite and attitude; they work hard to keep pets clean and comfortable. The same Animal Care Technician who care for the hospitalized animals also care for our boarding kennel guests.

You are invited to take a tour of our facilities. Please make your boarding reservations in advance to ensure we can adequately accommodate your pet and remember every guest must be current on all vaccinations and internal parasite tests to board with us.